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Stratford's SMASH Room

Express It!
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Do you want to express your angry emotions? Don't have anywhere to go or anything to break? Come to Katharses... and well Kathart!
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Bring your own smashable items to break and recieve a discount!
*Must be approved by staff


Hello, I'm Victoria Breault, the founder of Katharses! You might be thinking "What is Katharses?" or "Why is this important?” Let me take you back to a defining moment in my life, back in 2019. I was practising the drums when frustration started creeping in as I struggled to master a particular rhythm. I set the drumstick aside, exasperated, and that's when my mom entered the room, concerned. She sensed my distress and asked what was wrong. In a fit of frustration, I grabbed the drumstick and unleashed a scream, relentlessly pounding the nearby washing machine. Needless to say, my mom was far from pleased. To this day, you can still see the dents I left behind.

But here's the thing anger is never the solution to our problems. Sure, I wasn't angry at the instrument and my own shortcomings. Yet, I took my anger out at the wrong time and on the wrong object. I didn't have a safe space to release it. And I know many of you can relate. We often bury our anger and issues deep inside, either because we don't want to burden others with it or because we simply lack the means to express those emotions properly. That's why I created something truly unique—a sanctuary for the suppressed, a 'rage room' where people can finally let loose.

Katharses offers you the freedom to unleash it all—smash, break, scream, throw, demolish. It's your chance to release your inner bull. No judgement, no consequences, just pure Katharses. So join me and countless others who have discovered the transformative power of letting it all out. Together, let's reclaim our emotions and find liberation in the ruins.

The Room


Bring breakable items to qualify for a discount!
*Secondary and post-secondary students are required to show student cards upon arrival.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rage room, anyways?

A rage room is a space where people can smash things, let their anger out and have fun breaking items.

How does it work

When you come to the establishment we will present you with items to break, tools to use, and proper gear to wear to protect yourself and you go inside the room and let out your rage.

Is it safe?

Yes and No, like many things there are dangers. Quite a few people have opened similar establishments. But your safety is number one to us.
You would be using large tools and breaking things like glass so it is risky but you should/will be wearing proper protective gear.

Why do I have to sign a waiver?

You have to sign a wavier to insure that you understand how risky this may be. And in case of an accident there is note that you knew what you were signing.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are able to cancel your bookings and get a full refund up to 48 hrs before your booking.  Within 48 hrs, we can only offer a refund of 50% of your payment.

Where do you get the stuff we're smashing

We collect the items around town local stores that can't sell them and people who are cleaning out. We also accept donations from people in the community.

Can I bring my own tools or weapons?

No. Unfortunately due to both safety and liability issues, you cannot bring your own tools and weapons. 

What do you do with the stuff after it's been destroyed

We take it to the dump. When items are broken down into smaller pieces they are easier to dispose of and it reduces space.

Can I bring my own stuff to smash?

Absolutely! you are allowed to bring a maximum 10 items. They MUST be approved by staff before you break them to assure they are safe and don't have anything in them that could endanger yourself or others.

How old do I need to be to smash stuff?

You need to be at least 13 years old in order to  enter the rage room without supervision.  Children aged 10-12 may be accompanied by and adult or staff in the room.

It's So Much Fun, You have to Sign a Waiver!

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Special Thanks to Everyone who Helps, Donates to, and Supports Katharses

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